I've spent 2-decades on camera in front of millions of people across the World curating an incredibly valuable set of public speaking tools that deliver results and boost confidence. 

Now I'm passionate about inspiring and equipping people and organizations with public speaking and presentation skills that will take their careers and company performance to the next level. I coach people through what actually works so that they walk into their next presentation with more confidence and control than ever before.

meet the founder, REBECCA HAARLOW

Rebecca is an Emmy Award winning broadcaster, professional storyteller, public speaking coach, media consultant and brand name speaker. She can be seen on national television broadcasting NBA games for Turner Sports, NBA TV and MSG Networks. An expert storyteller, she has 20 years of on-camera experience covering college and professional sports including the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL as an anchor, host and reporter.  

As a public speaking coach and media consultant, Rebecca taps into her vast experience in public relations, broadcasting, print writing, voice and speech training and acting to empower companies and individuals with the tools to elevate their Leadership Voice. Using multi-faceted techniques that have proven successful in Rebecca's own broadcasting career, she understands how to connect with an audience and takes a hands-on approach in helping her clients communicate with more purpose, power and impact. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and is on the Advisory Board for the Katz Institute for Women’s Health at Northwell Health Hospital. 

about our clients

Our clients are change-makers, glass-ceiling breakers and empire-builders who want the blueprint to speak like a leader and get results whether it's a promotion, landing a new client, wowing a press tour, or closing the next deal.   

They are committed to being proud of the way they show up and speak whether it's one-on-one with the boss, at their next board meeting or in front of hundreds or thousands of people.

Our clients understand that their Leadership Voice combined with the work they've poured into their careers can cut through the noise and land them on top with authenticity, power and impact.


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New York... but Chicago is home 

New York... but Chicago is home 


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In an NBA arena or with my pug

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